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Speculating in or with Erotica

TJ Charvat
2 min readDec 8, 2022


Or my case for → “Speculative Erotica.”

If one searches the “Erotica” topic on Medium, one will find a plethora of sub-topics. Everything from “Fetish Erotica” to “Furry Erotica,” and on and on.

Within straight fiction exists the genre of “Speculative Fiction.” Typically this encompasses such subgenres as sci-fi, supernatural, fantasy, horror, dystopian, magical realism, or anything that takes the reader outside of what we consider the “real” world. I think of it as writing that goes outside the ordinary, letting the reader ponder the “more” of our existence.

I also believe sex can do this; undoubtedly, good sex can!

So why not use erotica for the speculation of that something more?

Here are some of my recent attempts at “Speculative Erotica” →

If you, like myself, are in search of erotica that entertains as well as makes you think about something beyond…

More speculative type erotica can be found here→



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